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North America

RATEC America Corp.

Clearwater, Florida

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RATEC has been represented by its own subsidiary in the USA for over 20 years. Administration and production of RATEC America Corporation are located in Clearwater, Florida. Here, the company manufactures all products that are only supplied to the North American market. These include, for example, tilting tables, stressing beds for prestressed concrete elements, and special formwork solutions for retaining walls, beams, columns and stairs. The location in North America ensures proximity to the customer, speed, but also the combination of the high quality standards of a "German Engineering" with a proud "Made in the USA" in production.

The team in Clearwater counts six permanent employees and a flexibel production team. The production site covers about 1000 square meters.

Contact our team in Clearwater

Kevin Gladis

Sales and Application Manager
Cell (727) 313-7812
Phone (727) 363-7732

Tim Reymann

Sales and Marketing Manager
Cell (727) 481-2906
Phone (727) 363-7732

George Petrov

Vice President
Cell (727) 348-6116
Phone (727) 363-7732

Niklas Reymann

Sales Manager, IDAT
Cell (727) 637-7592
Phone (727) 363-7732