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Application area:
Battery Production

Space-saving and versatile - vertical production for high surface quality

The production of precast concrete elements in a battery form is the space-saving alternative to production on tilting tables or in circulation.

Vertical production carries further advantages:

  • formwork smooth surfaces on 5 sides, in conjunction with upcrete┬«  even possible on all sides
  • Possibility to produce surfaces structured on both sides, for example by means of concrete formliners
  • lifting the elements from a vertical position saves the tilting process and reduces the risk of damage to the element

Battery production increases production capacity because several elements can be concreted in one step.

Battery forms from RATEC are distinct from other solutions in that they are designed for pressure filling from below and therefore developed in a particularly robust way. However, filling the individual pockets is always possible conventionally from the top. Depending on requirements, our battery forms can be equipped with vibrator and heating function to shorten curing time and increase surface quality.

The number of pockets and all other parameters are designed by us according to customer requirements. Future extensions and adaptations are taken into account as well as the customerÔÇÖs existing production processes.