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UCI pump connection

The smart filling connector for a smooth element finish

Advantages at a glance

  • Enables the supply of concrete with a smooth finish
  • No after-treatment necessary
  • Clean filling process without concrete residue
  • Simple manual or semi-automatic operation
  • Easy to use with crank or torque wrench


  • No leakage during closing
  • Easy flushing process, thus no time-consuming maintenance work
  • Static end stops prevent incorrect operation
  • Can be mounted on steel and wooden shuttering

Application examples


UCI Basic

Our standard for shuttering filling, wear-resistant and clean.

(SWV) Wrench width lockApprox. Weight (kg)DA Outlet diameterDF Flange diameterDN Nominal diameterH (mm)L (mm)SK quick release coupling sizeW (mm)
UCI.100 Basic 3
Art. No. UCI.100 Basic 3
SW 36441352301004829204 ½“235
UCI.125 Basic 3
Art. No. UCI.125 Basic 3
SW 365816526012551510955 ½“265
UCI.70 Basic 3
Art. No. UCI.70 Basic 3
SW 362790190703707643 ¼“190

UCI Square

Our slim specialist for narrow inlets. With or without flange or completely customised.

(SWV) Wrench width lockApprox. Weight (kg)DN Nominal diameterH (mm)L (mm)RA Rectangular dimension outletRK Rectangular dimension pistonSK quick release coupling sizeW (mm)
Art. No. UCI.70 SQUARE
36267040066070 x 14050 x 120SK 3 ¼“250

UCI Compact

The compact filling connection for fixing to the bottom shuttering.

(SWV) Wrench width lockApprox. weight (kg)DA Outlet diameterDN Nominal diameterH (mm)L (mm)SK quick release coupling sizeW (mm)
UCI.70 Compact
Art. No. UCI.70 C
307,5130703005153 ¼”175
UCI.100 Compact
Art. No. UCI.100 C
3614,51801003705824 ½”230