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TT Pro slab shuttering

Safe and efficient: the fastest shuttering system for TT slabs

The TT Pro slab shuttering system from RATEC makes shuttering and demoulding of TT ceiling elements as easy as it gets. The system reduces the setup and retooling time by more than 5%. No crane is needed. When combined with the SPB 900 and the clamping adapter for the top header as well as the EURO RTM 900 for side shuttering, no welding is necessary, which reduces the setup time even further. The economy of scale is unbeatable.


Production of TT slab elements.

Especially suitable for

  • Stationary production
  • Low level of automation
  • Manual shuttering handling


  • Integrated high-performance magnet

  • Low intrinsic weight for easy handling of the shuttering

  • Customised production in terms of lengths, heights and shape


  • Standard length 500 – 3980 mm

  • Standard width 60 – 200 mm

  • Standard height 45 – 120 mm


  • Easy to position
  • Easy attachment and removal of the shuttering
  • Low intrinsic weight (no crane needed)


The following special features distinguish TT Pro.
If you have any questions about these and other features, please get in touch with our team.
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Integrated, switchable magnets

Steel shuttering skin

Extendable in height

Application examples

TT Pro with special profiling

Special solution for TT Pro with foldable top

Special solution for TT Pro with foldable top

TT slabs production


TT Pro longitudinal shuttering

H (mm)L (mm)W (mm)
TT Pro longitudinal shuttering
Art. No. On request
45-120 mm (via upper parts)500-3980 mm60-200 mm


The following components and accessories are available for TT Pro. For special solutions, please contact us!

EURO RTM 250-900

H (mm)L (mm)Retaining force (kg)W1 (mm)W2 (mm)Weight (kg)
EURO RTM 250-900/25-54
Art. No. 00507
Aluminium EURO RTM 250-900*
Art. No. 25513

Suppressing device


For secure fixing of, e.g. U-profiles, window frames, etc.

ForH1 adapter (mm)H2 adapter and magnet (mm)L (mm)W (mm)
Suppressing device
Art. No. 09057
SPB 9003777278102

SPB 900

H1 casing (mm)H2 switched (mm)H3 released (mm)L (mm)Retaining force (kg)W (mm)
SPB 900
Art. No. 03255

Lifting tool TT Pro

Lifting tool TT Pro
Art. No. on request