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RATEC delivers formwork to one of Brazil's most modern precast concrete plants

In February 2024, a new innovative plant for the company Ecoparque went into operation. Our Director of RATEC SLU, J├╝rgen Deppe, had the opportunity to attend to the grand opening of the facility.


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As the chosen provider of the formwork equipment, RATEC supplied the robot-compatible formwork systems for solid elements (SAS Standard Automatic Shuttering) as well as our established system for girder slabs and double walls (RT U60 Pro), both standard solutions for automated production using shuttering robots.

Ecoparque's new plant is a milestone in the industry. It is Brazil's first automated precast concrete plant designed for a production rate of approximately 7.5 pallets per hour. The planning and supply of equipment for this state-of-the-art plant was provided by a consortium of European suppliers, including VOLLERT, SAA, MBK, and MCT, besides RATEC. In addition to the machinery, the Brazilian customer also received training and know-how transfer, regarding quality management, logistics, and process optimization, to ensure that Ecoparque gets the highest benefits from the technological equipment

Ecoparque's ambitious construction project, Ecoparque Bairro Integrado, sets new standards for the construction industry in Brazil. It is built on an area of more than one million square meters with a green space proportion/ratio of over 50%, and comprises 4,200 apartments in 15-story buildings, occupying only 3% of the total area and being 50 meters apart from each other.

The factory has the capacity to produce up to 20 buildings with 120 apartments each in six months, equivalent to 2,400 housing units. The industrial prefabrication of concrete elements in a modern factory, combined with a well-thought-out and a prefabrication-oriented construction system, makes a such rapid construction of apartments possible.

The plant is the first of 22 planned development projects to create housing in Brazil. A large portion of the apartments will be co-financed through the government's housing program "Minha casa, minha vida" ("My House, My Life").

We are proud to be part of this groundbreaking project and to contribute to one of Brazil's most modern precast concrete plants.