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Shrinkable mold for windows and doors

Project information


Customer product:
Room modules for residential buildings

Project description

An innovative solution was developed for the break-free demoulding of window and door recess for use in the production of room cells.


The new solution was used for the first time together with the new 3D mould kit for the production of room modules for a module building project in Singapore. Today, even more customers are using the shrinkable window moulds, including customers in Germany.

They are primarily used for the efficient stripping of recesses in large numbers, especially for standard window sizes.

The steel frame is made to the dimensions requested by the customer and consists of two halves and two separate corners. For stripping, the conical corners are removed first. The two window halves can then be mechanically shrunk into one another and removed. This enables break-free stripping. The shuttering and stripping processes are significantly sped up as a result. The solution is suitable both for the vertical (battery moulds or room module moulds) as well as the horizontal production of solid walls.