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Allrounder Battery System for variable purposes

Project information


Customer product:
Walls in architectural concrete quality

Project description

The installed battery system has 2 x 7 pockets for a maximum element size of 6.1 x 2.9 metres. Of the hydraulically tensionable pockets, 12 are configured for double-sided smooth elements. Two pockets are reserved for the production of arched elements. These are equipped accordingly with concave or convex shaped panels. The battery system can be concreted either from below via a pump station or from above with buckets. The integrated vibrator unit ensures that the concrete is optimally spread. It makes this battery mould one of the most versatile moulds on the market. A challenge for the pumping process: the customer worked primarily with lightweight concrete. This made it somewhat more difficult to match the appropriate concrete recipe while at the same time optimizing all work steps for the pumping process. But the UPP100 was up to the task.